Snowden is a biography movie of Edward Snowden who worked for NSA and CIA. First of all i wanna say that the story is fantastic, i think if anybody else directed this movie like good storytelling directors, the movie had been only better. I don’t say that Oliver Stone is bad director but i think, there are better storytelling directors on the market. In my opinion Stone’s last good movie was JFK and it was 25 years ago. For me he only directed three good movies and those movies had also a great stories, but they might be better if anybody else filmed it.

Golden star of the movie is of course Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Snowden. He absolutely change the way he ordinary speak and walk. He was amazing. I’m glad to see finally Nicolas Cage in a good movie, no matter what his role was. He is fantastic actor I’m sad to see him in B or C production movies.
Rhys Ifans is bit surprise for me, but every new movie i watch i get this reaction he is seriously fine actor. He is true cameleon, to see him in Notting Hill and than in this serious movie is amazing. Shailene Woodley is young, but a fine actress. She upgrade her self from role to role. For acting i give a 10, or A+++.

I’m not going to tell you what is movie about, only that you need to watch this movie. This is a good film with the great cast and in my opinion with washed up director.

Ashtrays rating: 7

Everything you wanna know about a film look at IMDB.


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