Sully is a story about famous airplane landing on the Hundson River. First of all i wanna congratulate to mister Eastwood for another good storytelling. He is one of the best faces of Hollywood, he is the great actor and even greater director. A few people in Hollywood achieve what Clint has, and i can only say BRAVO to master.

Tom Hanks plays the leading part of this movie – pilot Chester “Sully” Sullenberger. He absolutely made this film better, i can’t imagine this role playing anybody else. Tom Hanks is one of the best actors in Hollywood and he proved again his reputation.

Not only the lead actor and director were great, but the rest of the crew was pretty good. Aaron Eckhart is not my favorite actor, he is not even in my top 100 list. But i can honestly say that he was pretty darn good as co-pilot. And  Laura Linney is a type of actress you would love to have in your movie, but she’s need to cry, she must cry.

Overall the movie could last longer but I’m really satisfied with this length.

Ashtrays rating: 8

Everything you wanna know about a film look at IMDB.


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