Hell or High Water



This movie had only potential to be a good movie. I first saw IMDB rating and i thought this movie is great but i quickly change my mind. Hell or High Water is all about good acting and nothing else.

Ben Foster is one of my favorite not-so-much-famous actors and he was amazing as ex con, loving brother and crazy motherfucker. Chris Pine showed us in this movie that he is not only a pretty dude yet a fine actor.  Jeff Bridges is a legend of Hollywood and he give us what we expect of marvelous actors. Jeff plays sheriff, cowboy, racist and grumpy old man with a good heart.

Movie is all about brothers bank robbers and sheriff and policemen who are trying to catch them. Movie starts pretty fast and i was automatically hooked, but in time there are parts would erase. In big history of Hollywood there are so many movies about bank robbers and many of them are good but this one is no good. I don’t understand what movie critics saw in these movie. What is so special to nominate this movie for Golden Globe?

I can say only that the movie deserve to be watched but it doesn’t deserve to be awarded.

Ashtrays rating: 6

Everything you wanna know about a film look at IMDB.


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