Hands of Stone


Hands of Stone is biographical movie about legendary boxer Roberto Duran and his relationship with his trainer Ray Arcel. I really love a true stories and biography movies and i can tell you that Hands of Stone is OK movie with solid story and good acting.

Edgar Ramirez give us a very emotional performance about legendary boxer. Edgar Ramirez is latino actor and nowadays  is very familiar face. Robert De Niro is my all time favorite actor. Bobby finally  get the first role in a long time where he can really act, and finally he did. De Niro as aging trainer Ray Arcel was extraordinary, he bring us this remarkable trainer to life. Ana de Armas is also latino actress and plays wife of Roberto, she was also so emotional as well as Edgar. For all men watchers, you will adore Ana, she has a plenty of nude scenes. John Turturro plays very small role in the movie as mafia solder Frankie Carbo.

Overall the movie was good, solid writing with good acting.

Ashtrays rating: 7

Everything you wanna know about a film look at IMDB.



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