Don’t Breathe


The movie starts pretty fast and get my attention in a few minutes. I thought in the beginning that I’m watching horror movie, because of Because it’s my favorite movie site and I’m trust this web site. But they are wrong to put in genre of the movie – horror. If you are watching horror movie you will know it. This is from beginning till the end one intense and brutal thriller.

I will tell you something about the cast. Dylan Minnette, we all saw him in the past when he was a young boy, but boy is all grown up and ready to be one serious actor. Stephen Lang is to us younger fellas the bad guy from Avatar, to other older people famous actor from 80s and 90s. Mr. Lang is so brilliant that you love hating him. The main star of the movie is Jane Levy. Jane Levy brings this movie to the next level, her emotions and breathtaking performance changed this film.  Director and mastermind of this brutally thriller is Fede Alvarez. Forget that Fede directed Evil Dead remake, this movie is awesome.

Breaking and entering is just beginning, so that is all i wanna say, just see this fantastic movie.

Ashtrays rating:7

Everything you wanna know about a film look at IMDB.


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